Textile strapping:

In modern strapping methods textile strap is a real alternative to usual plastic strap made of PP or PET as well as to steel strap.

It is distinguished by high weatherproof and UV resistance. Its handling is easy and secure.
Furthermore the closing of the strap with the help of galvanized (for corded or composite strap) or phosphated (for woven strap) buckles allow a retightening at any time.

A high-quality manual or pneumatic tensioner should be used to get an optimum pretension of the strap and thereby achieve best securing of the good. Only thus the positive potentials of the straps can be used adequate.

There are three types of textile strap:

a) Corded strap

The strap is composed of glued polyester threads lying side by side. Due to its high elasticity it is versatile applicable, even at wide range of temperature, especially in the wood industry, and also in the metal industry.

b) Composite strap

The single parallel lying polyester threads of this strap are protected by a plastic coatingmade of polyethylene and polypropylene. In particular this offers protection against sharper edges or also chemicals like acids and leaches.

c) Woven strap

This strap is composed of lengthwise and crosswise woven polyester fibres. It is extremely tear-proof and does not split, hence it is optimal for securing heaviest goods on load carriers, in boxes, in containers and such like.