Steel strapping:

Even if today steel strapping is replaced more and more by strapping with high-quality PET strap and textile strap there are still enough areas where this way of strapping is indispensable.

Compared with plastic strap and textile strap steel strap has practically no elongation and thus it has a bad shock absorption with respect to transport-conditioned influence and rough treatment.

It has a much higher breaking strength, however, which can be indispensable for heavy and heaviest packages. Also very rough surfaces and sharp edges are no trouble for steel strap. As well it is indispensable for packing of goods, which are still hot.

Steel strap is used in particular in the steel industry but also in the wooden industry and building industry.

For steel strapping there are systems with and without seals which guarantee absolutely sturdy strapping.

There are different implementations and qualities of steel strap:

a) Surface

In particular the surface determinates the rust prevention, which the steel strap has. Thus “bare waxed“ ones have no rust prevention, while usual “blued waxed“ ones already show a satisfactory protection. If good to very good rust prevention quality are required, categorically there should be used “black varnished“ or “zinc dust varnished” ones.

b) Tensile strength / Elongation

There are steel straps in three different tensile strength classes. The basic bare strap has a tensile strength of approx. 650 N/mm² to 760 N/mm² with a strain of max. 4%. Quality strap, however, has a tensile strength of approx. 750 N/mm² to 960 N/mm² with an elongation of max. 8%. Additionally there is a high-capacity strap for special uses with a tensile strength of approx. 930 N/mm² to 1030 N/mm² with an elongation of max. 13%.

c) Packing

Steel strap can be packed as coil in disc winding (that means the coil is as wide as the respective strap width) as well as in stack winding (that means the strap is rolled up oscillated).

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