Comfortable handling of textile straps

Mobile dispensers are a useful supplement for the processing of textile straps. They allow an easy transport to the operating place and support the controlled unwinding of the strap.

The central® strap dispensers distinguish themselves by a robust indestructible
construction and are designed for hardest operations. They are very stable and at the same time, however, smooth-running.

The central® dispenser Universal Pro can be used for all common core diameters.
The uncontrolled unwinding of the strap is minimized by a friction brake.

Straps in disc winding can be transported ideal to the operating place with CW Pro.

  • Essential for the transport and easy handling of textile strap
  • Indestructible, very stable, smoothrunning with noise-free hard rubber wheels
  • Suitable for all merchantable core diameters as well as straps in disc winding
Universal Pro

Versatile mobile plastic strap dispenser with friction brak

The solid stable dispenser for plastic straps and textile straps in stack windings is suitable for all common core diameters from 76 mm up to 280 mm.

The integrated friction brake minimizes effectively the annoying and uncontrolled unwinding of the strap. The strap guide ensures that the strap is always ready to hand.

The strapping tool as well as further material can easily be stowed in the tray

  • Very solid and durable
  • Friction brake reduces the running after of the strap
  • Easy single-hand use due to the ergonomic hand bow
  • Smooth running hard rubber wheels, very solid tray
  • For plastic strap / textile strap up to 40 mm width on core 76, 150, 200 or 280/190 mm
CW Pro

Dispenser for single wound textile straps

This mobile dispenser enables easy handling of single wound textile strap.

Due to its construction the dispenser is very mobile and also suitable for use in tight areas, such as in containers.

The strap is guided, thus can easily be unrolled without getting tangled up. Also a dirtying of the role does no longer exist, as it is no longer placed on the ground..

  • Very stable and durable
  • Also suitable for use at confined operating places
  • No dirtying of the strap
  • Optional twin tray retrofittable
  • For textile strap in disc winding from 32 mm up to 40 mm width (CW Pro 40) or from 40 mm up to 32 mm width (CW Pro 50)
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