Manual ST

Combined tensioning and sealing tool for sealless steel strapping

  • Versatile applicable, easiest handling and best ergonomics
  • Very high tensioning capability
  • Reliable, optimally constructed punch locking for the respective strap width
  • Sealing strength more than 80% of the strap strength
  • Optional accessory for working with retractor / balancer

This manual tensioning and sealing tool is designed for professional use of steel strap without seals. It allows easiest and fast securing of solid packages like pallets, wood and stone etc.

Manual ST convinces by its easy handling and makes a high degree of flexibility, possible because it requires only little contact face.

The optimally and for each particular strap width designed punch locking ensures reliably a secure hold without seal.

For vertical as well as horizontal working on a retractor / balancer there is optionally available a hanger bow.

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